Washable Dog Diapers – How To Make?

Making Washable Diaper Wraps For Your Incontinent Dog

As a dog ages it is very likely that he or she will have less control of holding urine in the bladder. It is not a problem that affects dogs, it also affects other animals and also humans. It can lead to a lot of discomfort and mess if you have an “indoorsy” dog. There are many different causes of this malady but about 60% of incontinence are due to urethral sphincter mechanism incontinence. Other reasons include submissive urination, congenital disabilities and even bladder problems. Having washable dog diapers can easily solve the problems that come along with urinary incontinence, keeping you and your dog at peace and free.

You can decide to make your washable dog diapers instead of purchasing one. It can save you income. In this article, we are going to look at two different methods. The second method is about making washable dog diapers, while the first method is about making a disposable dog diaper. It will give you more to choose from.

Taking Dog’s Measurement – Things You Need

  1. A flexible measuring instrument
    A flexible measuring tape should be used. It includes a tailors’ or seamstress’ type tape measure. You can’t use the type used by repairmen. If you don’t have the right type of tape measure, use a piece of ribbon or cloth. Mark the measures onto the cloth or ribbon and when you’re done. Use the alternative measuring device such as a meter ruler or a yardstick, or even a metallic take measure to measure the marks on the cloth.
  2. A flat and sturdy surface for the dog to stand on
    That will ensure that you get a good reading. You can use a strong table. It will save you from bending down.
  3. A piece of paper and a pen or pencil to write with
    It is important to have a that on hand, or you will end up re-measuring when you forget the measurements.
  4. An assistant
    A human assistant is important especially if your dog won’t stay still. It will keep your dog from jumping off the table as you take the measurements.
  5. Your dog
    The dog you wish to measure should be present, right?

Measuring Your Dog

  • You should let your dog stand strand with the head and tail up and the legs evenly spaced. This will allow for accurate measurements.
  • When you take measurements you add a few extra inches. This will enable your dog to have some breathing space. It shouldn’t be too loose either.

Method 1 – Using A Kid’s Swimming Diaper

Dog diapers are very similar to kid’s diapers. Most people use dog diaper when their female dog is in heat, or the dog is incontinent due to old age. The materials used in making dog diapers are very similar to those used in making infant diapers. However, the build and structure of a dog diaper and a kid’s diaper are different due to the way dogs grow. Also, dogs are much more attentive than infants. Most of them spend a lot of time running around here and there. A dog diaper needs to fasten more securely without causing the dogs to chaff and feel uncomfortable.

One of the kid’s diapers out there that are ideal for dogs is children’s swimming diapers such as Huggies Little Swimmers.

Difficulty: Easy

Things you will need

  • Scissors,
  • Marker,
  • Children swimming diapers.


Step 1

You can purchase a children’s swimming diaper such as a Huggies Little Swimmers. Place the diaper with the front side facing up.

Step 2

Next, you should take a measurement of your dog’s tail. It is important when you make a hole in the diaper for your dog’s tail. If the hole isn’t big enough, that way you don’t cause your dog any pain.

Step 3

Now mark a size with a diameter of about 3 inches above the crotch of the swimming diaper and cut it out. When cutting the hole out, you shouldn’t cut the rear end, just the front part.

Step 4

Now place the back of the back of the swimming diaper on your furry friend’s tummy, with the top edge of the diaper towards your dog’s head.

Step 5

Now place the rest of the diaper over your dog’s tail. So the front of the diaper in located at the dog’s rear end.

Step 6

Pole through the hole you made earlier for your dog’s tail, and fasten the rest of the diaper around your dog. And you’re done

Step 7

Start over with another diaper. You should do a lot of diapers at once. That way you have one ready when you have to make a quick switch.


It is best to change your dog’s swimming diaper regularly. That is because a dogs expel more than toddlers. You don’t want the diaper to leak.

Method 2 – Making A Washable Dog Diapers

Difficultly level – Moderate

Things you will need

  • Cotton as well as fleece fabric material
  • Disposable sanitary pads
  • Needle
  • Sewing shears
  • Strong thread
  • Sewing measuring tape
  • Sewing pins
  • Velcro pieces


Step 1

You start by taking measurements of your dog. You can find someone to help you, that will be easy. First, of all, you need to measure the hind legs to his waist line. You should make sure the dog is stable while you take the measurement. When you are done, you should add about 5 inches to your length. That is to calibrate for errors. Also, you should use safe pins/ sewing pins to fasten the bottom and the top of your washable dog diapers. You should then arrange the washable dog diapers in progress to your dog. That will ensure your measurement are accurate and also you can see how the dog diaper will look on the dog.

Step 2

You should get the measurement of the dog’s width by measuring the underside of your dog’s ribcage. That should be the area below the belly to the dog’s hip bone. You should then add 4 inches to the measured length. That will enable you to get an accurate dimension for your washable dog diapers. It is important that your washable dog diapers fit perfectly. If not, the washable dog diapers will leak.

Step 3

Now mark the exact length and the width onto your fabric with some sewing pins. With your sewing shears cut two copies out of your fabric.

Step 4

Starting from the top of your cut-outs. Sew down the length of the sides. Then sew across the top of your diaper wrap. As you sew, you should allow for an opening in the bottom, as this part will be across your pet’s belly, and will also enable you to place some extra pads into the diaper between two layers of cloth to caught leaks. You should then sew Velcro fasteners into the inside. This way the pads placed into the diaper wrapper to catch lips will not fall out. When you are done, you should have something similar to a pillow case.

Step 5

When you are done sewing, add some Velcro fasteners to your top corners. You should do the same to the bottom corners. This way the diaper wrapper will stay put when you put it on your dog.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • You should attach some fabric to the back of the Velcro fasteners. This will make sure that your pet’s fur doesn’t get caught in the Velcro. This is a necessity for long-haired dogs.
  • When sewing use tough heavy duty thread. This will ensure the seams don’t break or collapse after a few use.
  • You dog will take a while to get used to his diaper wrap, so be patient.


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