How To Make A Dog Diaper – In Easy Steps

Making A Simple Homemade Dog Diaper

This article is about how to make a dog diaper. Making a homemade diaper is not a difficult thing. It can become a necessity to get the dog a diaper. It can be a result of many reasons. The primary cause is urinary incontinence. It can be brought on by old age, infections or even marking behaviors. A disposable dog diaper can save you and your furry friend from stress. “How to make a dog diaper” is a question on several dog owners mind. When it comes to a leaky dog, some of the stresses you will face will come from:

  • Having to deal with the dog urinating on your furniture
  • An incontinent dog will leak urine on your floors also

Since it is not the fault of the dog, you can’t apportion blame to it. The best way is for you to tackle and solve the problem. You can do so with the help of the proper tools. Since this is a problem that is faced by man ever since we choose dogs to be our number one animal companion of choice.

One of the easiest solutions is to make a diaper for your canine friend. It will help your canine companion to go on with his or her life as usual. Incontinence shouldn’t have to resist the life of any dog. Just like a baby or an elderly adult, diapers can also help keep the problem of incontinence under. All you need to know is how to make a dog diaper.

Visiting The Vet’s Office

Before, you confine your dog to diapers, you need to pay a visit to the veterinary doctor’s office. It will help to find out the cause of your dog’s inability to control its’ urinary flow. If this is due to an infection, you may be able to get medications to help curb your dog’s incontinence. If you need to result to disposable dog diaper for the rest of your dog’s life, you can be sure that the knowledge of how to make a dog diaper will be of great help.

How To Make A Dog Diaper For Your Dog

How to make a dog diaper for your dog is not as difficult as you think. It should take you about a few minutes to get your diapers ready for use if you follow the method describe in this article. You would need a few supplies to get started, and very little skills to get your diaper ready. That’s about it. There are many other ways to make a disposable dog diaper for your dog. Many of these involve sewing a diaper wrapper to hold the disposable pad that your dog need. There are many of us, who just aren’t good with a needle and thread. This makes this method ideal for you.

How To Make Dog Diapers – Things You Will Need

  • Baby or adult diapers
  • Pencil
  • Sanitary pads, preferably with wings
  • Scissors or tailoring shears

How To Make A Dog Diaper – Instructions

  1. Before you start working on the diapers, you need to know your dog’s weight. You will model the diaper after the weight. If you have a small toy dog such as a Yorkshire terrier, you can use preemie diapers. As you may have already guessed this will not work on large dogs. Huge dogs such as Labrador retrievers will require adult diapers. These are dig enough to fit the dog. The labels on the diapers will tell you about the weight requirements of the user.You don’t want to use the wrong size for your furry friend.
  2. Now you should unfold the diaper and put it over your dog’s rear side. You should notice that the tail is in the way. Dogs with cropped tails that still face this problem. If the tail is unnoticeable because it is extremely cropped, you can skip this step. You should use a pencil to mark the stop that the tail will be. Cut a hole into the diaper where the tail would be. It should be large enough for the tail, but not too large. If it is too large, it can leak urine
  3. Put the diaper onto a flat table, and put a sanitary pad with wings onto the middle of your dog diaper. It will allow for much more absorption. Another advantage of this is that the pad can be changed. It will allow you to use the disposable dog diaper for a longer time. You can trim the sanitary pad if it is too big for your dog diaper, you can cut it to fit.
  4. To put the homemade diapers on your dog, gently take the tail and tug it through the hole in the dog diaper. Then fold the diaper under your furry friend and fasten it to the tabs. The diaper should fit the dog properly. Not too loose that it easily comes off, and yet, not too tight that you can put your fingers between the dog diaper and the dog’s skin.

That is how to make a dog diaper

Helpful Tips

  • Firstly, you should closely observe the dog when you put the diaper on her. If she wants to take it off, chew or bite it, you should distract the dog with a toy or some treats. If you have a small dog, you can have it fitted with a baby onesie. It will keep it from trying to get out of her clothes.
  • It is a must to see the veterinarian doctor and diagnose your dog. That will give you more insight to the problem at hand. How to make a dog diaper is essential for all dog lovers.

Also, there are other options out there which enable you to custom-make a dog diaper. And you can always get specially made brand name disposable dog diapers. The average price of a single disposable dog diaper is about a dollar. Before you get one of these, it is necessary to get your dog measured and weighed. It will ensure the diaper is a good fit.



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