Frequent Urination In Dogs And Thirst

Frequent Urination In Dogs

Frequent urination in dogs is usually accompanied with polyuria and polydipsia. When you notice these signs in your dog, it is best to take action. While frequent urination in dogs is usually not a sign of serious medical conditions, it is essential that your dog is examined. This way your vet can rule out serious medical conditions such as hepatic diseases and renal failure. If these are the reasons for frequent urination in dogs, the vet can act fast and help cure your dog before it gets too serious,

It is not only dogs that may suffer from polydipsia and polyuria (Polydipsia is the term used to refer to frequent urination in dogs, while polyuria refers to abnormally high intake of water); cats can also suffer from excessive urination and drinking of water.

Frequent Urination In Dogs – Signs And Symptoms

You may notice your dog leaking urine, and drinking a lot of water in addition to frequent urination. These are usually the symptoms associated with polydipsia and polyuria. There are usually no behavioral changes associated with these medical conditions apart from the ones already mentioned.

Causes Of Dog Leaking Urine

These are usually several underlying causes and conditions that are responsible for an increased level of urination. Some can be quite serious and even fatal. Congenital abnormalities and renal failure are some common causes of polydipsia and polyuria. Diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases, and reduced steroid production by the adrenal glands can all lead to frequent urination.

Tumors, imbalanced electrolyte levels, higher than normal steroid levels, higher than normal levels of thyroid hormones can all lead to polydipsia and polyuria.

It is not only diseases and medical conditions that can cause increased urination and thirst in dogs, low protein diets, medications such as diuretics and old age can also cause increased urination and thirst. Also, active dogs tend to drink more water and urinate more often.

dog frequent urination


When your dog suffers from polydipsia and polyuria, a vet will need to diagnose him or her. It is not advisable to try to do so yourself, even if such problems have occurred in the past. The vet will examine the dog and ensure he or she is healthy. Water intake and urinal output of your furry friend will be determined. The vet does this through comparison to normal urination and normal hydration (fluid levels). That is to ensure that the increased urination is not due to grave medical conditions.

Other tests such as urinalysis (UA), complete blood count, X-ray, urine culture, and other tests are important. It will help determine if the dog suffers from kidney problems, adrenal system problems, UTIs (urinary tract infections), and medical conditions that affect the reproductive systems.

Treatment Of Frequent Urination In Dogs

The causes of the polydipsia and polyuria will determine the type of treatment needed, treatments may include the prescription of antibiotics, a change in diet, and even surgery such as in the case of urinary tract stones or crystals. Behavior modification may also be necessary. In the cases of prostatic diseases in male dogs, neutering may be the only solution. If the vet determines that no medical conditions are associated with the polydipsia and polyuria in the dogs, no treatment or behavioral change is necessary.

Sometimes simply limiting your dog?s intake of water may be enough to manage the problem. The vet will likely advise you to ensure the dog drinks enough water. Anyway, during treatment, you must monitor the hydration levels of the dog. Dehydration can cause very serious medical complication and even lead to death. The vet may give the dog a prescription for electrolytes.


With frequent urination, observation and comparison of the current situation to the deterred baseline urination and hydration levels will enable you to monitor the situation. Dog diapers can also help keep our indoors free of urine. Dog diapers can be either disposable diapers or reusable diapers. If the dog is an outdoor dog, you may not have a need for dog diapers.

Preventing Dog Frequent Urination

There is no known prevention for dog frequent urination or dog leaking urine or increased intake of water. With that said it is vital that you monitor your dog closely at all time since early discovery will cut down treatment cost and reduced the risk of a disease developing into a serious medical complication.

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