Female Dog Diapers – DIY Guide And Tips

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Do It Yourself Ideas For Doggie Diapers For Female Dogs

Making your own female dog diapers is an excellent way to stop your girl dog from messing up your home when she is in heat. They are also a nice way to help out female dogs suffering urinary incontinence. It will help keep your floors and furniture safe. Although you can get disposable dog diapers from your local pet store, you may need a quick solution for an immediate problem. DIY female dog diapers are also a great way to save a little money and they are fun projects and can be recycled. Before you start, you need to know the issue that the female dog diapers seek to solve. For instance, men’s underwear makes a great emergency doggie diapers for female dogs for a female dog in heat.

Men’s Underwear Works Great As Female Dog Diapers

You can use a men’s underwear as a female dog diapers when you need a quick solution. These are the simplest ways to make doggie diapers for your female dogs. Also, the opening in the front of the underwear makes a great hole for the girl dog’s tail.

Before you get the measure, you need to make sure it is of the right size. You can do this by measuring the waist of your dog. This is the narrowest part of her lower body close to her hind legs. You should make sure the measurement matches the men’s underwear that you get for your dog.

Now, simply put the men’s underwear on your female dog backward with the front part facing her rear end. You cut use scissors to make the hole big enough to fit the dog properly. Also if the men’s underwear doesn’t fit properly, a few stitches can solve that.

This will work for a dog in heat, but it may not work for a female dog suffering urinary incontinence.

A Slightly Cloth Baby Diapers Repurposed As Doggie Diapers For Your Female Dog

Cloth baby diapers make for great female diapers, especially if these diapers are modified to have side Velcro fastenings. With these type of diapers, a slight modification is all you need to get them ready for your female companion.

You start off by making a hole in the cloth diaper for where her tail will go. Then you can put it on your furry friend and fasten it in place. You can leave it there. You can make it more secure and comfortable by adding some Velcro fasteners. It will make your female dog diapers a custom fit for your dog. The only bad side is that some clever and curious dogs can work out how to unfasten them. Let us hope your dog loves her disposable doggie diaper.

Slightly Modified Baby Onesies For Your Furry Friend

If you can a small dog, getting a dog diaper female to stay on can be a puzzle. That is particularly true if you’re using a brand name disposable dog diapers. If you have this issue, there is a very simple solution to the problem. A baby onesie will keep your dog from wiggling out of her disposable dog diapers. You can use the baby onesie to keep the disposable dog diapers in place. Simply put the onesie on your dog. The sleeves for the arms will be for the front limbs of your dog. And the sleeves for the legs will be for the hind legs of your furry friend. It should keep the disposable dog diapers on as your dog all day long.

When you are done putting the baby onesie onto your dog, you should make a hole for its tail, then close the closures underneath the dog’s belly. It works well for male dogs too.

Tips To Consider

  • Although, the DIY cloth female doggie diaper will do the job, when the urine and blood are too much, preventing a leak can be difficult. You can add a maxi pad to the inner lining of your cloth female doggie diaper. This will make sure you don’t have to keep changing the disposable dog diapers and doggie diapers for female dogs as regularly as you normally will.
  • With that said, it is bad to neglect the disposable dog diaper for so long, as they can cause your dog a lot of discomforts. Exposure to moisture over an extended period will be irate the skin and lead to infections in some cases. The best solution to this problem is to change the disposable doggie diaper as soon as the cloth female dog diapers us soiled. It will keep your dog always dry and happy.
  • You should always make sure to seek the medical expertise of a vet if your dog suffers from urinary incontinence. There may be a treatable medical condition causing the incontinence.

Ideas For The Jealous Male Dog

It is possible that the male dog will be jealous of the girl dog’s new disposable doggie diaper. Or maybe your male dog suffers incontinence also. You can get a belly band for it. That should solve the problem. Whether you decide you make one at home or buy one, you need to know the waist measurement of your dog. After taking the measurements, cut a piece of fabric the length of the waist. You then attach some Velcro fasteners for fastening up the belly band. You should make sure the belly band completely covers up the penis.

Lastly, place a maxi pad into the inside of the belly band. It will allow your male dog to be driest for the longest period.

If all else fails checkout the reviews for the best dog diapers and pick a good female dog diaper for your pet.



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