Disposable Dog Diapers – How To Use In 6 Steps

How To Put Disposable Dog Diapers Onto Your Dog

It is likely that your dog has become incontinent due to old age, and you need to get disposable dog diapers for your dog. Or maybe your girl dog is in heat and you need to get disposable dog diapers for her. Well, there is no need to be too worried. This article will help you and your furniture stay free of urine, blood, and fecal matter.

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Step 1 – Choose The Right Diapers For Your Dogs

It is important to get the right tool for the right job. It is not best to use baby or adult diapers for your dog. There are diapers out there designed specifically for dogs. You can easily get some disposable dog diapers at your local pet store or a big department store like a Walmart. You can also get some dog diapers on the net. Online shops such as Amazon and eBay are great tools in getting a wide variety to choose from. The average price of a disposable dog diapers is about a dollar. A pack contains anywhere from 10 diapers to 50 diapers per pack.

It is important to know the size of the diaper before you get it. Different dogs require various types of disposable dog diapers, and in various sizes. Sizes normally range from XX-Small to XX-Large. There are usually six different sizes in total. It is, therefore, important to choose the right size for your pet. The weight of your dog is crucial if you want to know the right diaper size to get your dog. If your dog is small, you can carry it up and weigh it by standing on a bathroom scale with him or her in your arms. Subtracting your combine weight from your weight will give you your dog’s weight. For aged dogs, a walk-on scale at a vet’s office or a pet store will tell you your dog’s weight.

Lastly, there are brands and diaper types made for particular breeds.

Step 2 – Cleaning Up Your Furry Friend

Getting your dog ready for its dog diapers is a major step. Using some baby wipes, you should clean up your dog properly before you get your pet fitted with the dog diapers. Baby diapers are usually safe enough for cleaning up your dog. To be on the same side, you should get baby wipes that are safe for dog use.

Step 3 – Slipping Your Dog’s Tail For The Hole Made For The Tail

One of the advantages of getting diapers specifically designed for dog use is that they have holes in the rear side of the diapers for your dog’s tail. That makes it easy to put it on your dog. If you’re remodifying a human diaper for dog use, you would have to make a hole for the dog’s tail. It may not always be the best.

If your dog’s tail is cropped very short, you will have to cover up the hole with some tape. Not all dogs with cropped tails will need this. Just those with cropped tails that are virtually unnoticeable.

Step 4 – Open Up Your Disposable Dog Diapers

Just like normal human diapers, dog diapers come with tapes that allow you to fasten the disposable dog diapers to the dog. For dog diapers, you fasten the tape to the back of the dog, while with the human disposable diapers, you fasten the diaper to the front. That makes it a lot easier to secure the diaper to your furry friend.

Step 5 – Securing The Diaper Around Your Dog

You should now slip the diaper through the dog’s legs until they are firmly secured in place. As you do this, you should ensure that the diaper tape faces outwards.

Step 6 – Fastening The Disposable Dog Diapers

The last step in this process is to fasten the dog diapers securely in place. You should make sure the diaper is a tight fit. However, it should allow your dog to feel comfortable. You don’t want your dog to be too restricted.

Tips To Help Keep Your Dog Most Comfortable

Baby Powders – You can apply some baby powder to the inside of the disposable dog diapers before you slip it onto your dog. That will ensure that your dog is very comfortable. It works particularly well for dogs with cropped tails.

You can also use dog diapers for dogs in heat. Although they work great for dogs that can’t control their release of urine, it is also a great tool for your girl dog in heat. It will help keep your floors and furniture free of blood stains.

Use a diaper wrap – For added security again leaks, you can use a diaper wrap. It works great for preventing all leaks. They also come in multiple colors and designs. They add some color to your dog. You can also make your diaper wrap if you have some sewing skills. All you need to do is take measurements of the length and width of your dog. Sew up a rectangular diaper wrap in a similar shape to your dog diapers. You should make a hole for the tail and attach some Velcro fasteners for fastening the diaper wrap. You can also get some at many pet stores or even on online shops such as Amazon.

Change your dog’s diaper regularly – It is important that you change your dog’s diaper once it is damp. You don’t want your dog to get diaper rash. They are uncomfortable for the dogs and can even lead to infections.

Although your dog may be incontinent, that doesn’t mean your dog can’t live as it normally does, with the help of dog diapers you can keep both you and your dog happy.



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