Diapers For Dogs – A Guide To Buying Dog Diapers

Buying A Dog Diaper For Your Dogs

Getting diapers for dogs can be a crucial need, depending on your dog’s needs. There is every possibility that your dog is suffering from urinary incontinence or you want to stop blood leakage of your girl dog in heat. No matter your needs, choosing a dog diaper can be a big deal. It is because the right diaper will prevent your dog from having skin irritations and also urinary leaks.

Here are some the steps to take when getting your beloved pet a diaper for dogs.

Step 1 – Weight Of Your Dog

It is imperative to know the exact weight of your dog. That will allow you to get the right size of diaper to fit the size of your dog.

Weighing A Small Dog

If you have a small dog, you can weigh the dog yourself. For that, all you need is a scale to get an accurate reading. To do this, weigh yourself first, then jot it down. Then, pick up your dog, step onto the scale and record the weight of both the dog and yourself. If you subtract the weight of you and the dog from the weight of you alone, you will get the weight of the dog.

Weighing A Big Dog

If your dog is too large to be carried, you would need to visit the vet’s office. It is not a good idea to use a scale designed for humans to weigh a dog, it is very likely, you will not get an accurate reading. A visit to the vet should solve this. Most vet’s offices have a walk on the scale made for animals such as dogs. You should be able to record the accurate weight of your dog using that.

Step 2 – Measure Your Pet’s Waist Size

It is necessary to know the size of your dog’s waist so that the dog diaper you buy won’t slip off or shift in position. It allows urine to leak out of the diapers for dogs.

To get an accurate measurement of the waist:

  • Ensure that the dog is on the feet. You can get someone to help you make sure the dog is on the feet before you take the measurements.
  • Now wrap your cloth tape measure around your dog’s torso. If tour dog is a male, make sure you measure far up the torso. Far enough for the diaper for dogs to cover his penis. You have to do this to ensure the dog diaper does leak. If the dog diapers don’t cover the dog’s urethral opening, the diaper will be useless.

Step 3 – Type Of Dog Diapers To Get Your Dog

There are two types of dog diapers out there, and they are the reusable cloth diapers for dogs and the disposable diapers. When getting diapers for dogs, you need to decide on the type you feel best suits you and your dog’s needs.

The Disposable Dog Diapers

These dog diapers can be used just once. It is best if you want to solve a short term problem such as a female dog leaking blood because she is in heat. There are easier to use and do not need cleaning. The waistbands on disposable dog diapers are not as adjustable as those of cloth diapers.

Cloth Dog Diapers

These types of dog diapers are eco-friendly and there is a lot more to choose from. Many dog owners like them, because they come in many different colors and patterns. There are also many different styles and types. There are those with disposable inner liners and those with washable liners. Some of the diapers have adjustable hooks while others have Velcro straps. There are even diapers for dogs that have suspenders and harnesses. These will keep the dog diapers in place. The best part is, you can use such diapers for a longer period.

Which One To Choose

  • When you decide on getting diapers for dogs, the purpose you want the diaper to serve is important. If it is a short term problem, then a disposable diaper is best. If it is a long term problem, than a reusable dog diapers is better.
  • Also, it is easier to clean up after using a disposable diaper.

Step 4 – Soft Linings Is A Must

When choosing diapers for dogs, you must take the comfort of your dog into consideration. If the dog diapers you use has no soft lining, it can cause your dog a lot of discomfort such as broken and irritated skin. If you see these symptoms, you should stop using the diapers for dogs.

A dog diaper that has a soft and absorbent lining that will keep your dog comfortable. You don’t want your dog developing diaper rash.

Step 5 – Finding A Shop To Buy Washable Cloth Diapers

It can be difficult to find a shop or a pet store that sells washable dog diapers. That is because most of them sell only disposable diapers. If you can’t find a local pet store that sells washable cloth diapers for dogs, you can locate a vendor online. Online stores such as Amazon, eBay and many others offer a wide range of choices.

Step 6 – Determine The Amount Of Diapers For Dogs You Want You Get

This is an essential part of purchasing dog diapers. And there are a lot of things you need to work out. You can’t budget on one diaper a day when your incapacitated dog will need to go through at least three a day. Here are some facts to check out.

  • Know the number of times your dog urinates a day.
  • If you plan on purchasing washable diapers for dogs, start with just 2. That way, you have an extra in case things turn messy. Later on, you can decide if two is enough, or whether you would need more. Every dog has different needs, so you should choose accordingly.
  • If you plan on getting disposable diapers for dogs, you should get enough to cover your dog’s needs.
  • Also, you need to change your dog’s diapers after he / her has made a mess of it.

Step 7 – Know Your Dog’s Diaper Size And Style

You can do this by checking with the brand’s diaper size chart. Different brands and sizes are depending on your dog’s weight and waist measurements. The same way, there are dog diapers styles that are made for certain breeds, and they may not be adequate for your dog. The sizes for diapers for dogs normally range from xx-small to x-large. These are usually six sizes. There are many variants in the number of sizes available to each brand. A measurement of your dog’s weight and waist size should help you get the right diaper.

Step 8 – If You Have A Male Do, Get The Next Size Up

This is because the size that is right for your male dog may not cover the genital regions that well. It can easily lead to leaks, and no one likes that. This is true when it comes to disposable diapers for dogs.


  • If you have a male dog, you can buy a belly wrap bands instead of an actual diaper. These go on the stomach and have pads in the liners to absorb urine.
  • Most diapers for dogs are made to absorb urine only. If you plan on using your dog diapers to keep dog poop out of your home, then you need to make sure you get the right type.

Choosing a great diaper for your dog is not as hard as you think. Follow the aforementioned steps and you will make your dog happy and comfortable. Checkout the best dog diapers for reviews of the top selling dog diapers.



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